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It doesn't matter if you are a small to medium size company or an enterprise, todays' security concerns is no laughing matter. Your business can be instantly ruined by hackers, con artists, and yes, even your own employees!

If you're not paying attention to the security of your network, the Internet, or keeping an eye out on your employees, it is inevitable that you will eventually experience sabotage, data theft, viruses, malware and other security breaches.

There are also governmental agencies dictating new rules and regulations, backed by significant legal penalties for those who don't comply. eTechHelp and its partners are here to help you protect your company from those who intend to do harm to your critical databases and private information. 

eTechHelp's premium data security solutions for small and medium enterprises are second to none and you can benefit from the same level of security and backup support that Fortune 500 companies enjoy.

Some of our security services includes:

  • Security Audits - Independent unbiased audits of your current security with complete reports to management of our findings.
  • Penetration Testing - Perform legitimate, ethical hacking and other penetration testing to determine the effectiveness of your technology infrastructure.
  • Business Processes and Procedure audits  - A review of IT Practices, documentation, and computer security policies identifying vulnerabilities and risk management.
  • ISO IT Standards Compliance - Ensure that security regulations are in compliance with HIPPA, Sarbanes–Oxley, and other ISO standards
  • Report of Recommendations - Provide an analysis including recommendations, plans, and designs for updating your security.

Contact Us  to learn more about our specific security offerings and how eTechHelp can help your organization!  Thank you for the opportunity!

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About eTechHelp

eTechHelp is a global technology consulting firm that provides outsourced advisory and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. 

We are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing premium responsive consulting services while working within the constraints of a small business technology budget.

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