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As part of it's portfolio,eTechHelp has Project Management Services to assist individuals and businesses implementing short or long term technology projects.  We ensure that technology projects are implemented correctly, reach your business goals, and most importantly stay within the budget objectives defined by business management. We provide expertise in all facets of a typical business environment including but not limited to;  Business Applications, Computers/Networking, Voice , Data, Internet, Wide Area Networking, Websites, and Cloud Services.

Why Use eTechHelp For Your Next Technology Implementation

Our list of satisfied clients and success stories are a testament to our successful project management skills. We take great pride in each step of the project management cycle and utilize best practices and industry guidelines to develop a thorough game plan and deploy solutions to meet your objective requirements. It is our goal with each and every project to add another customer name to our reference list.

eTechHelp follows 4 major steps for every engagement. Each task of the project management cycle is designed to meet your objectives with an eTechHelp project manager who is experienced in Voice/Data, IT, Security and other disciplines.

Systems Analysis

All of our engagements start with an intense systems analysis and is key to completing a good design from a technology perspective as well as a financial prospective. During the analysis phase,eTechHelp will analyze the current infrastructure, financial budgets, and overall systems effectiveness. Our approach is simple, we will conduct interviews with present staffing, analyze your technology infrastructure, employee utilization and assist in determining desired requirements of future projects. With an understanding of business and systems goals, we provide a "no holds barred" report with an honest assessment of current problems and recommendations for improvement in the client's technology infrastructure, business processes and procedures.  The systems analysis phase typically consists of the following tasks;

  • Analyze Current Business Activities
  • Conduct Interviews with Key Personnel
  • Review Staffing and Budgets to Understand Current Problems
  • Document Business Requirements & Goals
  • Conduct Systems Design Tasks
  • Provide Analysis Reports For Senior Management

System Design Phase

Using information collected from the Systems Design Phase, our internal and external team will develop a technology design that improves or replaces the clients existing infrastructure. During this Systems Design Phase, we will determine current requirements with the design taking future growth into consideration. Part of the design will take any system migrations into consideration with an implementation plan with the least amount of disruption. Listed below are the typical tasks associated with the System Design Phase;

  • Initial Design Kick-Off
  • Detailed Technology Infrastructure Review
  • System Design Sessions
  • Financial Budget Review
  • Systems Documentation Preparation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Employee/System Administrator Training Plan
  • Management Reports

Implementation Phase

The extensive Discovery and Preparation Phase and methodical Design and Planning Phase provide the groundwork and ensure a successful migration and implementation. The assigned project management team coordinates all cut-over activities with the customer, third party vendors, eTechHelp engineers and other stakeholders. Upon project completion, eTechHelp will provide a complete documentation package that outlines your new system and contains all the pertinent documents to maintain your new system and technology.

  • Coordination of Cabling and Equipment
  • Off-Site Equipment Pre-Configuration/On-Site Equipment Configuration
  • System Integration
  • System Acceptance Testing
  • Cut-over Support
  • Documentation Delivery

Training Phase

Critical to the success of the deployment is the Training Phase. eTechHelp’s professional training team will provide training to your employees, system administrator and any other internal staffing required to maintain your technology infrastructure. Users are ready to conduct normal activities when business resumes after implementation.

  • System Administrator Training 
  • Employee/Staff 

If you have a project that you want implemented properly and within budget, please Contact Us for a no obligations consultation. 

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About eTechHelp

eTechHelp is a global technology consulting firm that provides outsourced advisory and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. 

We are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing premium responsive consulting services while working within the constraints of a small business technology budget.

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