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Over the last few decades the network has truly evolved.  What was once a typical office with a network consisting of some computers, printers and a server or two has truly evolved into a common centralized network that simultaneously drives many different aspects of the technology infrastructure.

Today's network drives IT with all it's devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and BYOD mobile devices in addition to all the other aspects of the business infrastructure such as voice communications, wireless communications, conferencing and collaboration, wireless, Internet access and connectivity to the cloud. Add video security and streaming media to the mix and there's no doubt that implementing a network today is much different that 25 years ago.

With all these different applications and devices more thought has to be given to the system design to prevent any particular function or device from slowing down the network.  While having all these functions all running on the same network has a lot of advantages, there is also the possibility of problems if not designed and implemented properly.

Whether your needs involve Servers, Networking, Security, Applications, or connectivity to the cloud,  eTechHelp can assist in the design, development and deployment of your Information Technology Infrastructure. 

eTechHelp offers the following services;

  • System Design
  • Vendor Selection
  • Cabling Installations
  • Rack, Patch Panel Installation
  • Network Switches
  • Sip Enabled Firewall/SBC Implementations
  • Wireless Design & Implementations
  • Network Tuning 
  • On Going Support/Managed Services

If you are experiencing some technology problems you need addressed and you need consulting services, please Contact Us for a no obligations consultation to see if we can help. Thank you for the opportunity!

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About eTechHelp

eTechHelp is a global technology consulting firm that provides outsourced advisory and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. 

We are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing premium responsive consulting services while working within the constraints of a small business technology budget.

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