IP Telephone Systems

eTechHelp brings 35+ years of voice communications experience to it's clients.  With major advancements in Internet Telephony and the cloud, a whole new array of technologies are available to improve productivity and increase business revenue through the use of these technologies. eTechHelp has deep skills, knowledge, and implementation experience in all facets of communications including VoIP, SIP, Unified Communications (UC), Web Conferencing/Collaboration, and a new technology turning the corner, WEBRTC.

VoIP Telephony Systems

The latest technology utilized for telephone or voice communications is commonly referred to as Voice Over IP, or VoIP. VoIP which converts your voice into data to transport the data first across your local area network, then across the Internet to the remote endpoint.  On the other end the data is converted back to voice. This allows your voice communications to co exist with your computers, printers, Wifi routers and other applications such as video surveillance systems. The SIP protocol is the applications protocol that drives voice communications.

Because of this and many other reasons, there are many advantages of using VoIP vs. traditional IP telephony in your business. One of them is cost.  Since one network can support everything in your business, cost savings are achieved.

Another major advantage with VoIP phone systems is that you can have remote telephones connected to the office via the Internet.  This allows for you to have staff that can take a call at home with the caller ID seamlessly showing the business phone number on the caller ID.  Other features include the ability to have a group of telephone agents operate in separate locations but yet appear to be seamlessly integrated part of a call center group.  This type of functionality was impossible with a traditional phone system of the past.

There are several ways to implement VoIP in your business;

On Premise System - Phone System resides at the business location or in an off location data center.

Hosted Phone System (PBX) - With many applications moving to the cloud, having a cloud based phone system is one application that could be in the cloud as well.

Hybrid - A combination of On Premise and Hybrid.  Works well from a disaster recovery prospective in that the On Premise can be the primary or visa versa that in the event of a failure there is high availability.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.  eTechHelp can assess your requirements with a systems analysis and recommend what will serve you best in terms of budget and functionality.

From initial design to actual implementation we can help your technology infrastructure into one heterogeneous network.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Unified Communications 

eTechHelp leverages the latest collaboration tools, IP telephony, and unified messaging technologies to create consolidated communications solutions. Deployed on a secure virtualized infrastructure, we offer an powerful user experience and centralized IT operations to support your business.

Web Conferencing 

Maximize the effectiveness of your meetings through the use of Web-based document and file sharing, video, and crystal clear audio. Work where you are, and on the device you prefer, whether in the office, at home, traveling for business, or at your customers’ sites. 

Contact Us  to learn more about how VoIP, Unified Communications, or Web Conferencing can help your organization!  Thank you for the opportunity!

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