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Cloud Services

The Cloud, while still in its infancy, represents the future. With Cloud Computing you can have the infrastructure of a Fortune 100 company yet, you only pay for Cloud services based upon actual usage, and if needed, the ability to ramp up on demand when required.  Typical cloud infrastructure can cost millions, but smaller companies now have access to the best in technology for their businesses by "renting " a Cloud infrastructure.

eTechHelp can assist you in evaluating your infrastructure , services, and tools and suggest which Cloud deployment models best fit your needs. There are many design aspects to the Cloud and it is never a "one fits all" approach.  Every business is different and we can assist in the design and deployment of the best Cloud configuration to fit your business.

Our Cloud services includes but are not limited to the following services:

Cloud Analysis

The goal of the Cloud Analysis is to review your business practices and present infrastructure and develop a design and implementation plan to migrate to the cloud.  The design will include which cloud model works best considering cost, performance, ease of migration.There are several approaches to deploy The Cloud in your organization.  Listed below are some of the available options;

The Cloud Models

Private Cloud 

The private cloud is a very strong option for businesses that want the benefits of the cloud while maintaining privacy and security that a private cloud offers. We maintain a large number of partner relationships with major data centers and private cloud providers with eTechhelp acting as a central point of contact for our clients. Those relationships combined with Our HelpDesk Services allows you to make one call for support for all your cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid cloud is a deployment where some equipment is maintained on the business premise and other technology resides in the Cloud in a datacenter. Many businesses are using this approach because of the balance between security and the ability to scale. eTechHelp has the partners, solutions, technical expertise to guide you through a hybrid cloud migration.

Public Cloud

Public clouds can be used to support dynamic computing, Collaboration, Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, and Collaboration projects.  eTechHelp can assist in the design, migration or upgrade from your present configuration.

Data Center Services

eTechHelp can assist your company with a wide variety of Data Center Services to support your private cloud operation.  Our services includes;

Servers - Take advantage of Allow us to assist you in deploying energy-efficient server technology 

Virtualization - Trust eTechHelp to establish a virtualization platform enabling you to enable your private or hybrid cloud capability.

Contact Us  to learn more about how VoIP, Unified Communications, or Web Conferencing can help your organization!  Thank you for the opportunity!

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