eTechHelp adds Internet Access, SDWAN, Hosted VoIP, and Cloud Apps to it's Portfolio

eTechHelp officially announces the kickoff of it's participation as a certified partner for numerous providers of Internet access, telecommunications, cloud, and data center services.   With direct access to over 80 providers of on premise and cloud based services, eTechHelp can now offer these services along with our consulting and project management services with eTechHelp serving as an agent for our clients.

This allows simplicity and management of their technology services all from one source with centralized technical support.  While some of our clients prefer to utilize eTechHelp to implement and maintain their technology solutions that they purchase directly, other clients looking to eliminate large up front capital purchases for technology can be serviced with cloud based hosted solutions. Through our partner relationships, eTechHelp will work with you to determine your needs and match those needs with the best provider. Our goal is to represent your interests and get you the best services at the best possible pricing.

No need to have to deal with multiple vendors, just call one number when problems arise and we handle the rest. Our portfolio of services includes technology providers in the following industry segments:

Telecommunications Services

  • Hosted Voice and Sip Services
  • Hosted Call Center Services

High Speed Internet and Data Communications Services

  • MPLS / Fiber / Internet
  • SD Wan
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Cable Providers

  • Cable Internet Access
  • Voice Services
  • Cable TV

Cloud & Data Center Providers

  • Server Colocation
  • Private & Public Cloud
  • Software as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Desktop as a Service

Conferencing & Collaboration

  • Web Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Web RTC Collaboration


  • Voice
  • Wireless Internet

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About eTechHelp

eTechHelp is a global technology consulting firm that provides outsourced advisory and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. 

We are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing premium responsive consulting services while working within the constraints of a small business technology budget.


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