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Mission Statement

Rich Garboski, Founder eTechHelp Rich Garboski, Founder eTechHelp

It is our philosophy that the role technology plays in business today is crucial. Whether you are using technology to increase your sales via the Internet, improve your internal business processes and productivity, or improve upon your present systems, the effectiveness of your systems can mean the difference between success and failure of your long term company objectives and revenue goals. The mission of eTechHelp is to help you use the best in available technology and practices to meet your business goals. 

While larger companies can afford full time IT staffing, smaller growing companies simply cannot afford to maintain this level of expertise full time. eTechHelp addresses this need providing the same level of expertise that large companies have at an affordable cost.

With the cloud and hybrid technology in infrastructure becoming more attractive from a financial perspective, eTechHelp can guide you towards migrating certain functions to the cloud or deploying a hybrid of internal systems and the cloud.

Contributing to the success of both small and enterprise sized business defines our mission statement:

  • We help business owners identify technology problems and inefficiencies that are having a negative impact on their business revenue. We don't just make recommendations; we design, implement and support complete technology solutions.
  • We measure our results by how successful we were able to benefit our client's business with the solutions we recommend and provide. We monitor and gauge the financial improvements that our consultants generate.
  • We acknowledge and understand the need to be responsive to your technology issues. When you have a problem and need help, we need to respond. That is why we exist.
  • Availability is just one of our many strengths.  There is nothing more frustrating than having technology problems and dealing with slow or non existent response time.
  • We live by our reputation of delivering results and have a track record of happy clients who have had problems that wee rectified.

Are you ready to keep up with the ever-accelerating world of technology? We are. Rely on us. Let eTechHelp become your technology partner. Contact us to learn more about our programs or to schedule a no obligations consultation with a technology consultant today!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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